Tuesday, November 10, 2009

eleventh november

^dug out my sequin dress from spain the other day, and i'm currently altering it so that it has a lowwww back. will get back to you with pictures of it when it's done

^ why don't guys dress like this in perth?!

so thats how they do it; yes, i did only just figure out that most of the bloggers i follow do not actually have a camera man following them around, taking photos. no. they have cameras, tripods, and remotes. which reminds me; i need invest in a better camera, anything really that produces photos better than photobooth.

^i love this girl. she has the prettiest face, loverly bracelets, and supprisingly i really like her dress, even though i'm not usually a fan of a-symmetrical dresses when pattern is involved.

^ i'm going to make myself some shoulderpads, or hunt some down at an oppshop and put them into shirts like this, denim tops and my jackets.

beyonce you are amazing^ same dress as at the top

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