Saturday, March 20, 2010

dinner time

saturday night; had a looverrlly dinner with afew favourite girls, champagne, pink monopoly, masks, and way too much desert. i finally got a chance to wear my floral dress, which i bought from a vintage online store :)
these photos are taken with my Canon D350 
a generally great night :)


  1. That off the shoulder floral dress and flip sunglasses are the best!

  2. great photos, your friends all have such great style!! i loveee those masquerade masks as well, so classy and fun (:

  3. Absolutely lovely set of photos!
    I adore those masks (and the outfits)!


  4. Ooooooook i have to admit i love that post
    i love that look and i love that blog
    i follow
    please follow me back if you wish ;)
    xoxo natalia

  5. haha thanx for the lovely comment
    i think something went wrong but now i follow you
    follow back
    thnx a lot girl
    xoxo nataliaaa