Wednesday, April 14, 2010

maddie and dani take a trip to sydney

flew home from sydney this morning after a very early; 4am wake up
spent the last six nights there; shopping at markets, fairs, oppshops, visiting the zoo, stopping for too much coffee, finding cafes and bars, and visiting posible universities/colleges like whitehouse institute of design.
we've basically decided that our favourite shops and areas are; Grandma takes a trip, C's Flashback, Uturn, Zoo Emporium, Surry Hills - Campbell Street, The Fringe Bar - Flee Market (only open on Saturdays), and Bondi Market.
i carried my canon around documenting our trip, so here you go


  1. you absolutely had a very good time!!!!!!!!
    so cool post!!!!!

    lovely and so stylish outfits!!
    so..spring has sprung!

  2. Surry Hills is amazing isn't it! Great pictures and lovely outfits! Lucy Laucht: Daily style & inspiration

  3. Dying to go to the Sydney Markets. It's been years since I last went and now I'm into everything vintage I think I will appreciate it one thousand times more.

    Love the pictures x

  4. love that leopard print jacket, soo hot! looks like you had a fun trip x