Thursday, May 27, 2010

little black sandles

more procrastination: i finally got tumblr: 
little late i know, and i'm still trying to figure it out; 
so let me know if you have a page so i can follow (:

two more zams to go and i'm done done done,
wayy to tempted to spend this weekend doing everything but human biology study 
which i really should be doing for my last exam on tuesday,
but for some reason the thought of spending another weekend at my desk just isn't that appealing


  1. cool post!!!

    love the styling and outfits!!!


  2. I'm glad you got a tumblr! I will be posting some pics in this post of yours on me and my friend's joint tumblr, you can find it at: :)

    Good luck with studying though, I've got a weekload of performance assessments next week. Its times like these that makes me envious of people not doing a degree in music lol ><

  3. oooo this post is just full of little treasures.
    lovely blog