Thursday, June 10, 2010

astronauts and all

sooo, i managed to send my back into a very long lasting spasm somehow
and am now stuck at home with some very strong painkillers,
looking at the amaaazing parklife lineup, can't wait!
and deciding i need more rings..


  1. amazinnnnnnnnn post as always!!!!!!!!!

    love love love all the looks!!!!!!!!



  2. nice mix of photos, i love those rings in the first photo! x

  3. loving these pics - i love rings too! i really want one that goes the whole length of my finger, like in the first picture :)

    Oh, Restore xxx

  4. ouchies :( How long will that take to go away?! I hope you feel better soon, cos it doesn't sound comfortable at all. And yesssss I'm such a ring person, even when i was much younger. I think it's because my mum always has been. The only trouble is I can't play music properly when i'm wearing most of the ones that i own cos they're big :/